Rivington And Blackrod High School

Word of the week

At Rivington and Blackrod High School there was a need to increase the use of Tier 2 vocabulary across the curriculum, improve the reading age scores across key stage 3 students, especially pupil premium and to meet the demands of exam specifications which have an increased focus on literacy across subjects.

Star Reader, a software system was implemented at key stage 3 to assess reading ages and measure progress. The school has invested in new books across the reading age spectrum in the school library and a quiz booklet is used to accompany the books to measure progress. Language mastery and classroom displays ensure maximum exposure of new words. Time has been devoted to train staff across the curriculum on effective delivery of language mastery lessons.

Student based strategies are implemented including rewarding students with stickers for use of any WOW words in written responses and students are given the opportunity to apply and interview for the role of literacy prefects appointed to help with the organisation and maintenance of language mastery activities. Competitions are held in form time to promote and consolidate use of ambitious vocabulary and baseline assessments are undertaken at the beginning and end of each term to measure impact and progress. Etymology has been introduced into the WOW presentation and there is discussion around prefixes and root words to help students transfer their meaning to other words.

What was the impact?

There was a notable improvement in results in English Language in 2018. Star reader data shows progress with reading ages across year groups and students are utilising the words across the curriculum.