At Bolton Learning Partnership we support our member schools with all aspects of school development and improvement.  We provide a full suite of professional development opportunities through conferences, workshops and bespoke school to school support.  Members access briefing papers to update them on important issues and have access to subsidized places at National Events and Conferences.  Through our network of schools we have school improvement hubs focused on subjects and specialisms, including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities to name a few.  Through these hubs our members work together to shape educational practice and excellence in pedagogy. Together, we are able to embrace educational challenges with rigour, trust, commitment and a common moral purpose.  This gives us strength in numbers and supports each of us to continually learn and develop for the benefit of all our students.

School To School Support

Helping our member schools with any aspect of school development or improvement, our offer of school to school support is tailored to the individual school’s context and is focused on providing school improvement and the best education for young people.

Joint Professional Development

We are proud to have a rich cross section of educational expertise to draw upon to support the professional development of those within our member schools.  Our programme of joint professional development reflects the wealth of experience, skills and knowledge that we have within Bolton and we are committed to the provision of high quality education


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