Little Lever School

The perfect climate

The Perfect Climate

For pupils to make outstanding progress it is very important that their attitude to learning and behaviour in school is of a high standard. Low-level disruption was affecting learning in some lessons and a clear, yet very simple, framework was needed to support all staff in managing behaviour more consistently. Our expectations with regard to behaviour in the classroom are made very clear to students at Little Lever School. Every teacher must insist that the Perfect Climate protocols are adhered to in every lesson and make reference to the Perfect Climate number for each activity they ask the students to complete, in order to ensure that a consistent message has been put forward to our students, by all staff working with them in a learning capacity. These protocols are included on the image below, which can be found on a display board in every classroom.

The Perfect Climate was launched at the very start of term on an inset day in order to give every teacher the opportunity to apply this approach with new classes. Support from the senior leadership team in the first half-term, through ‘Climate Spot-Checks’ in every lesson, was essential in enabling the policy to be embedded quickly. These still exist today as staff felt they were highly effective in providing that additional layer of support with regard to creating the perfect climate for learning in their classrooms.

What was the impact?

There is a shared language between staff and students; expectations are clear and it has allowed for greater consistency with regard to how we now both manage behaviour more effectively, and reduce the kind of low-level disruption which hinders learning in so many schools. The most recent Ofsted report (November 2018) stated that “leaders have been very successful in improving behaviour and reducing the number of exclusions. Pupils now conduct themselves well and have good attitudes to learning… Actions have resulted in marked improvement in pupils’ behaviour. ”