Mount St Joseph School

Oracy, reading and language skills

At Mount St Joseph School there were a high proportion of year 7 pupils entering school with significantly lower than average reading/spelling levels; specific needs for identified cohorts, and a need to develop a culture of a ‘love for reading’ through the development of positive peer mentoring system.

To implement a focus on oracy, reading and language skills, the school designated a specific space and time for reading support, deployed suitable reading resources and selected reading material through a response to pupil voice and a reading list from Nation Literacy Trust. They carried out NGRT tests on all year 7 and year 10 pupils (reading and spelling). Using outcomes the school identified current reading age and those pupils with reading ages significantly below, and significantly above their chronological age. They also highlighted and prioritized pupils who attract Pupil Premium. Using outcomes for year 10 pupils in reading and spelling, the school identified the most able readers and invited these pupils to become Literacy Ambassadors.

What was the impact?

In the first year 90% of those pupils on the programme made significant progress by the end of the academic year, and in the following September test/data suggested that these pupils had retained the progress they had made after the summer holidays. Pupil questionnaires suggested many of the pupils were using the library more frequently and had become more interested in reading.